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Introducing Car Calc: Our Auto Loan Research App for iPhone Available on the app store

Mobile App for iPhone and More, the premier destination for tools and research, is proud to bring you Car Calc, our mobile iPhone app. Car Calc offers all of the tools you will need to esnure your car shopping adventure as simple and affordable as possible. Don't get caught off guard  by the inevitable flurry of prices, interest rates, and payment amounts the dealership will put in front of you. Do your research in advance with Car Calc and make sure you get the best deal possible. Here are just some of the features you will get in the Car Calc App:

Current Interest Rate Lookup

Get current interest rates in your area for all typical credit ranges. Car Calc will display the average rates for Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor credit so you know what interest rates to expect based on your credit score. If you're interested in a specific lending institution, you will see the average rates for the most popular lenders in your city. Interest rates are updated daily.

Monthly Payment Calculator

How much will your monthly payment be? Answer a few simple questions and Car Calc will display an estimated monthly payment. If the estimate seems too high, you may adjust the term and type to find what fits your budget.

Affordability Calculator

How much car can you afford to buy? If you have an idea about your desired monthly payment and your preffered terms, Car Calc will do the work for you! If your terms are flexible, you can adjust the preffered monthly payment amount and term length to see what you'll be able to swing.


And as always, we offer free quotes, directly from the convenience of our mobile application. You will be matched with dealerships and lending institutions that specialize in offering loans to buyers like you. Purchasing a new car has never been simpler!